Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tree Trimming

One of my kids favorite traditions is decorating the tree. Every year we order in some food (this year pizza) and turn on Christmas music. Greg hands out the ornaments and the kids decorate. There is always a spot that has way too many ornaments, but hey, it's the way they like it. We are truly blessed to have this holiday to remember the birth of our Savior. I hope everyone enjoys it and counts their many blessings.

Horses are Awesome

Today we went with my friend Brenda from school who graciously offered to share her horse Maggie today with Sierra.
Sierra could not stop smiling and fell in love.

I really liked that Brenda showed her the importance of taking care of your horse. Sierra brushed her and cleaned out her feet and smiled the whole time.

Sierra showed no hesitation about getting up on that horse. She looked so awesome. She was even able to ride her as she cantered. Stopped my heart a bit, but it was awesome to see.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Pride Winner of the Month

We are so proud of Sierra!! She was the Pride Winner of the month for February for her class. She is such a sweet girl. Mrs. Smith enjoys having Sierra in her class and knows she can rely on her to help. She is very loving and caring and always tries to make sure everyone is happy. You're awesome Sierra!!


Gabe had his music program the other day and it was about life on the islands. They did all the props and set up. We were so proud!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Last, First Tooth

What an exciting day Sunday was. After wiggling and wiggling Sammy's tooth finally came out. (Of course daddy had to trick him to pull it out). It was quite humorous that while we were eating lunch Greg asked Sam how much he thought his tooth was worth to the tooth fairy. Sammy said he thought 6 bucks. Wow, talk about inflation :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Hands

Well Sammy is 6 today!! He has to use both hands to show how old he is. It makes me happy because he is such a great kid, but sad that he is getting so big. Last night his big accomplishment was that he could make himself burp, right in my face. Greg thought it was pretty funny. Sam definitely makes our life entertaining. He has such great energy and zest for life. Happy Birthday Sam!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


So exciting!! We got to Mexico. Tori and I have been planning this trip since March of last year. We thought about throwing a party for our husbands because they were both graduating with their Master's Degree in business. Then we thought to ourselves, no way let's go on a trip. So we booked it in March and never quit talking about it. Yes, Shawn and Greg were sick of hearing about it!! What a great time we had. Above is a picture of us snorkeling in the natural pond right on the resort. At one point Tori said she wasn't going to do it and I called her by her full name and told her to get her bum in the water. When she got all hooked up and stood on the platform she said again that she didn't think she wanted to do it and the man in charge said, " Victoria Elizabeth get in that water!" Only he said it with a Mexican accent. Hilarious!! You might of had to be there :)
We went to Tulum, which are Mayan Ruins. They were absolutely gorgeous!! This is the view from the top. Holy Cow!! I could have stood there all day.
Before we went to dinner one night on the resort!!

After a long flight we finally got there. We went to our rooms, changed and headed out to explore the resort. The water was gorgeous and the view was incredible. What a life!!